Bonati Mastering is located in neighborhood of Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, New York. The studio was designed by Thomas Jouanjean of Northward Acoustics and built by Dennis Darcy Construction Group. The result is a quiet critical listening environment with an accurate monitoring system, optimized room acoustics, and exceptional analog & digital mastering gear. The vinyl cutting lathe sits on its' own isolation platform and is decoupled from the rest of the room. A separate machine room keeps noisy computers out of the mastering room. There is also a cozy kitchen/lounge with all the right coffee machines. Wifi is available.


Lathe: Neumann VMS70 lathe, SX74 cutterhead, SAL74B cutting electronics. Custom digital delay by Shea Ako.

Analog tape machine: Studer A820 (1/2", 1/4" head blocks)

Converters: Prism AD-2, Benchmark DAC-1, Cranesong HEDD.

Workstation: Steinberg Wavelab 8.0

Analog processing gear: Pendulum Audio PL-2 limiter, Manley Massive Passive equalizer, Maselec MEA-2 equalizer, Maselec MDS-2 de-esser, Maselec MLA-3 multiband compressor, Maselec MLA-2 stereo compressor, Summit MPE-200 equalizer, Dangerous Music BAX equalizer, Dangerous Music transfer console & monitor controller.

Monitoring: ATC SCM100ASL Pro loudspeakers. Custom soffit mount enclosures by Northward Acoustics.