Studio Time: $150 per hour, 1 hour minimum. Usually a 10-12 song album takes 7 hours. There is no price difference between attended & unattended sessions but slots for attended sessions are limited. I don't do attended sessions for singles. WAV files are uploaded for approval.
CD Master: $90 each
DDP file - can be uploaded anywhere. Includes ISRC codes (if available) and CD text.


Master Lacquers: 12" - $200 per side
10" - $175 per side
7" - $100 per side
Reference Acetates: 12" - $75 per side
10" - $75 per side
7" - $65 per side

Currently I am only cutting lacquers for projects that I have mastered.

Additional info needed for all vinyl projects: track list for Side A & B, catalog number for the project, pressing plant being used.

Having a reference acetate cut is the only way to preview the sound of the record before you spend a dime on pressing. It can also help to catch problems before you go all the way to the test pressing stage. Refs were also called “dub plates” back in the day. I only cut reference acetates for projects that are going into production.

Shipping & handling for lacquers depends on the pressing plant you're using. I like to ship them overnight. Lacquers shouldn't sit around. If you're pressing outside the US note that shipping lacquers overseas is fairly expensive.


Full payment up front before any work starts. Cash, check, Paypal, and wire/bank transfer are accepted. Checks need to be made out to Bonati Mastering. For wire transfers add $45 to cover bank fees. For Paypal add 5% of invoice to cover transaction fees.