Please provide the highest quality versions of your stereo mixes. WAV or AIFF files at 24 bits are preferred. Audio CDs will work too. No MP3s. Any sample rate up to 96kHz is acceptable. A project with multiple sample rates will take extra time to deal with.

PLEASE leave some headroom in your mixes - they don't need to be loud before mastering. Don't slam the levels - this severely hinders the mastering process for both CD and vinyl. Overall level can be more carefully adjusted during mastering with better results.

If you are attending the session your files can be brought in on a hard drive, USB thumb drive, CD-R, or DVD-R. We would love to have the files before the session, if possible. Sending files over the internet is fine too - I prefer sites like and Please don't use sites that make me wait to download like Rapidshare or Megaupload.

For mixes on analog tape, please provide proper alignment tones (at least 100 Hz, 1kHz, & 10kHz at 0VU) and information on the box for tape speed, reference level, EQ standard, mix titles/timings, and location of tones.

FOR VINYL you must provide this information:
1. Catalog number for the record (i.e. TG-102, SBR-001, etc.).
2. Pressing Plant being used.
3. Speed preference (33 1/3rpm, 45rpm).
4. Tracklist showing where the side splits - i.e. what is the first track on Side B?

Ship packages to the following address:

Bonati Mastering
25 Carroll St. Suite 3A
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 913-6779 (ph)

Please include any necessary tracking numbers.


SPEED: 33 1/3 RPM

12" LP
12:00-16:00 = Best
16:00-20:00 = Good
Above 22:00 = Fair

7:00-9:00 = Best
9:00-12:00 = Good
12:00-15:00 = Fair

0:00-7:00 min. The shorter the better.


12" Single
6:00-9:00 = Best
8:00-10:00 = Good

12" LP
10:00-12:00 = Great
12:00-15:00 = Good
above 15:00 = Fair

6:00-8:00 = Best
8:00-10:00 = Good
above 11:00 = Fair

0:00-5:00 min. The shorter the better.